How to Recover Gmail Account Password?

Gmail is one of the essential platforms for any professional communication because it comes with excellent features & perfect mailing facilities. Apart from that, it is highly secure and easy to use but, sometimes, users face Gmail account recovery issues and it can be more frustrating when your Gmail is not logging in while you are applying lots of effort. If you want to know how to recover your Gmail account password here, you will get the best possible recovery method where you can easily recover your Gmail account effortlessly. Just follow the below-given step-by-step guidance to recover your Gmail account.

Gmail Password Recovery with Email:

Step 1: Visit the Google Gmail Account Recovery Page:

Open any reliable search engine and type In the search area. (As you know Gmail is a product of Google so you can recover your Gmail account using the Google account recovery procedure)

Step 2: Enter your Associated Gmail Username:

Here you will get the opportunity to mention your associated email address or mobile number under the respective text box and press the Next button.

Step 3: Select the Try Another Way option:

If you have reached at next page, then you need to choose the Forgot password link and then, pick the Try another way if you are not getting the recovery option by Email & tap on the Next.

Step 4: Enter the Verification Code:

This is the right time to check your inbox for the recovery email address where you can find the verification code. If you got the 6-digit code then, you need to enter it under the verification code text and tap on the Continue button.

Step 5: Set a New Password:

In the next page, you will get a chance to create a new password. Ensure that, you will create a strong password that will provide you best security from unauthorized access.

Gmail Account Recovery with Phone:

If you didn’t add the recovery email address to your Gmail account don’t need to worry because you will get a chance to recover your Gmail account by the recovery phone number. Just read the below-presented step-by-step procedure to recover your Gmail account by phone.

Step 1: Reach Out Google Recovery Page:

Again, you must visit the Google account recovery page through any most liked web browser.

Step 2: Write the correct Email Address/Mobile Number:

Here you must enter your email address or mobile number that is associated with your Gmail account & pick the Next button.

Step 3: Pick the Forgot Password Link:

To get the Gmail account recovery with the phone, you need to select the Forgot password link, and if you are getting the recovery option by the phone number you must press the Try another method.

Step 4: Enter the Message:

Here you must check your phone where you will receive the code from Google. If you got the verification code just enter it under the text box and click on the Continue button.

Step 5: Generate Password:

Now, you can create a new password for your Gmail account and write the same password on both text boxes and again, tap on the Continue button.

Therefore, you have successfully recovered your Gmail account. Make sure, sure you are making a strong & standard password Meanwhile, the password must be a combination of the alphabet, numeric, integers, and upper & lower case that will give you additional protection from hackers and unauthorized access.



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