Best Way To Jetblue Airways Manage Booking

Get the Best Understanding On Jetblue Airways Manage Booking:

JetBlue Airways is an ultra-low-cost and highly trusted airline in the United States and its headquarters is located in New York City. Jetblue Airways is known for its managed booking facility where any passenger can modify or change their travel itinerary on their booked flight ticket. So, it can be possible. Just follow the below-given instructions and learn the easiest procedure to get the Jetblue Airways manage booking facility.

How do I get Jetblue Airways to manage booking?

  • All the passengers are permitted to add or modify their travel itinerary but, it can be processed under the Jetblue Airways managed booking policy where the passenger will modify their travel itinerary within 24 hours from the flight ticket purchase.
  • Also, passengers are allowed to access their managed booking from the mobile application or website of Jetblue Airways.
  • Apart from that, passengers can directly speak with a live person at Jetblue Airways and resolve any kind of booking issue or question in a very short time.
  • Passengers will get permission to change their travel itinerary up to 120 minutes before departure of the flight time.

How you can manage your trip online?

  • To get the managed booking facility, just visit Jetblue Airways via any search engine.
  • Next, pick the Manage Trips section.
  • Here you need to write the Confirmation Number along with the Last name of the passenger.
  • After that, pick the Continue button and access your travel itinerary.
  • Change or add anything from the travel itinerary.
  • Again, tap on Next and pay the travel itinerary change fee via a suitable payment option. If it is required.

How you can manage your trip offline?

  • First of all, you must call on the Jetblue Airways Phone Number.
  • Over the call, you will get the opportunity to speak with a live person at Jetblue Airway.
  • After that, you need to provide your Booking details and share your requirements from the main booking.
  • The live person will assist you in changing or modifying your travel itinerary from the booked flight ticket.

How does Jetblue Airways Phone Number Work for the manage booking?

This is an excellent facility offered by Jetblue Airways where any passenger can change or modify their travel itinerary after calling the phone number of the customer service helpdesk. During the call, the passenger needs to follow the IVR auto voice response facility. Such as:

  • Dial the given Jetblue Airways phone number.
  • Over the call, you need to pick your ideal language by pressing 1.
  • Press 2: Correct or change your name.
  • Press 3: Add extra baggage allowances.
  • Press 4: Get the priority-based check-in.
  • Press 5: Change your seat as per your choice.
  • Press 6: Upgrade or switch your class.
  • Press 7: Change or reschedule the flight ticket date or destination.
  • Press 8: Raise the refund request.
  • Press 9: Modify or add any in-flight amenities like entertainment, audio/video, Etc.
  • Press # to speak with a live person at Jetblue Airways.


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