How To Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails?

How to Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails Issues?

Gmail email service is what most of us use daily, a lot of times without any problems. But, sometimes it can be annoying situation for users to face issues when they are not receiving emails through Gmail. 

So, if you are also encountering a similar type of issue and you are wondering, ‘Why am I not receiving emails on my phone anymore?’ Then don’t worry. There are a few causes could possible for the occurrence of this problem, and more often than it’s simpler for you to fix it. Thus, in this guide here is given various possible causes to behind this issue and their solutions to solve it quickly. 

Why You Are Not Receiving Emails?

Network Connectivity, Email IMAP and POP server settings, and Gmail account issues can stop you from receiving emails, Browser caches and cookies, but most are a quick fix. One other reason is that your Gmail may not be receiving emails due to an outdated web browser.

How To Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails?

Method 1: Verify the Internet Connectivity

Gmail not receiving emails on phone problems generally occur, due to Internet connection or network issues. So then you must check the Internet connectivity or Wi-Fi that is coming with good speed and has an active & strong signal. If it’s possible for you, then you should try to connect or switch to another Wi-Fi network on your phone and after that try to sign in to your Gmail account.

Method 2: Clear the Browser Cookies and Caches

  • If you are using the Chrome browser, then try to clear your web browser's cookies and caches in the following way:
  • First, open Chrome browser and then press the Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys together to open the Clear browsing data window. Then pick Advanced, choose All Data, and hit on it, to clear caches. 

Methods 3: Check the Account Information

  • It’s not a too much complicated task How to Fix Gmail Settings If You're Not Receiving Emails? Sometimes the problem occurs due to entering the wrong account credentials or information. Then you should try to verify that you are entering the right Gmail account login credentials such as username and password. After that, try to log in again, surely your problem will be solved.

Method 4: Send a Test Email to Yourself

  • This is a great idea to send an email yourself to fix any questions. Then try to send an email from your Gmail account, and another from a diverse email service such as Outlook or Yahoo. If you can receive emails from your PC, the issue probably sprawls with the other party.

Method 5: Verify Email Filter Settings

  • Gmail not receiving emails on the phone issue often arrives due to mail filter settings. Ensure that Gmail’s settings are actually inadequate. Then you should verify the Email filter settings. Also, verify you tick the ‘Show desktop edition option’ in your browser mobile app.

Method 6: Verify Junk Folder

  • Also, you should verify your spam folder. Actually, Google automatic spam filter might have jammed the email and moved it to Junk Folder. You can generally find the spam folder in the left-hand corner of your screen when you open the Gmail account. for more info about gmail customer service you can contact with us.


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