YouTube Support

YouTube is a place where users can express their creativity freely and comment as to their feedback also. This website has some guidelines to maintain the dignity of expression.

In case of abuse and vulgar content, you can report a complaint on YouTube’s Abuse & safety tool.


  • Go to Abuse and Safety reporting tool.
  • Copy channel user’s URL
  • Paste the offending channel user’s URL into the text field, Enter Channel URL of your desire to report.
  • Click ‘continue’
  • Select the contents-videos & comments that are obscene.
  • Add additional notes.
  • Click ‘submit’.
Youtube Support 1-888-410-9071

YouTube is a great method for sharing any information such as your services that you’re giving or business, You Tube has a large network of users. But sometimes you have to face videos that are full of objectionable contents that can harm your company. It is not possible to remove directly, but there is a tool –where you can remove contents, which is a violation of terms of service or the law.

Videos on YouTube have a toolbar that is ‘Flagging’ which can help you in removing that video.

  • Click the flag icon in the left lower corner of the video, sign to your YouTube account or make new if you’re new users.
  • Select the reasons of flagging the video.
  • Give the additional details for staff of YouTube to decide, whether your complaint is valid or not, click ‘submit.
  • Although flagging any video needs that you be logged in to YouTube, your identity remains unknown. The YouTube’s staff checks and if the flagged video is valid then it is removed automatically.
  • But don’t encourage other to flag negative videos in effort to harass another’s creativity.

There are a few ways to contact YouTube when you want to resolve some common issues like problems related to content, abuse, and breach of security or copyright claims. You can contact via social media. But keep in mind that YouTube doesn’t have an email address and no phone number-where you can talk them directly.

  1. TWEET at YouTube is the best way to contact just comment as tweet directly to the YouTube page.
  2. Comment on YouTube on Face Book post.
  3. Leave a note on a YouTube Instagram post.
  4. Contact through the creator Support Team, but you’ve to be a partner & have to a minimum of 10,000 lifetime channels views at the very least.

You tube the support line will only result in an automated assistant telling you to use them best of YouTube Help Center.