Outlook is the Microsoft email service. Lots of people worldwide use the Outlook account for their personal, professional and official use. The account can be added to any smartphone and can be set up with any email client application. Similarly, Outlook can also be added on iphone. When added, a person can access their Outlook account from anywhere, can send and receive emails, manage the calendar, etc. But it may happen that the client finds that Microsoft Outlook not working on iPhone.

There may be certain errors in the configuration that Outlook does not work. Then the customer must recheck them. This article discusses how to fix Outlook not working on iPhone problem-

How to Fix Outlook not work on iPhone

Step 1: Check the username and password of the Microsoft Outlook account if they were entered correctly or not.

Step 2: Then verify the configuration of the incoming and outgoing Outlook server. For the incoming server, it is pop3.live.com and for the outgoing server, it is smtp.live.com.

Step 3: Make sure SSL is enabled for incoming or outgoing servers.

Step 4: Test the Internet connection again.

Step 5: If there is a problem, the customer must completely delete the Microsoft Outlook account and try to add it again.

Step 6: Outlook not working on iPhone may be due to the Microsoft live mail server problem, so be patient and wait a moment.

Step 7: It may be that the Outlook account is hacked, that may be the worst case. Try to log in to the Outlook account from any phone, computer or system and verify if the password works or not. If you find that Microsoft account has been hacked, try changing the Outlook account password and then, in the iPhone settings, delete Outlook account and add it again with the new password.

If any Outlook customer faces Outlook not working on iPhone problem, you should check with Outlook customer service. When work is important and there is no time to search for solutions on the Internet, the customer should immediately call the Outlook technical support phone number.

Outlook Not Responding on iPhone

Microsoft Outlook account user can contact the experts by sending an email about the problem or can call the Outlook helpline number directly for technical assistance. Customer support is available all the time. The person can make a call at any time. Executives are certified and experienced technicians and, therefore, the customer must be sure of the most effective support. Outlook support can provide a precise solution of why Outlook not responding, in a very short time. They are completely dedicated to customer satisfaction. With the help of the best customer support, access Outlook again on your iPhone in a short time.

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