Lufthansa Airlines Reservations

Traveling can be overwhelming for some passengers, as there are many things that happen at the airport at the same time. A passenger has to follow the rules and regulations of the airlines when booking tickets, registering and passing the security check. Therefore, the passenger anxious for the trip is normal and Lufthansa Airlines fully understands it. To make your trip easy and hassle-free, airlines provide you with the Lufthansa Airlines customer service number. For any questions related to your trip, you can easily contact the travel agencies of the airlines through the customer service number.

Lufthansa Airlines’ customer services are carefully designed to resolve passenger inquiries. For any problem before or after the flight, you can dial the Lufthansa Airlines phone number and get the desired help whenever you want. While it is clear that traveling can be a challenge for some passengers, it is very important to have a one-point communication to get proper guidance. And this is the reason why airlines provide the Lufthansa Airlines customer service number.

Lufthansa Airlines Reservations Number

You can call the Lufthansa Airlines contact number to book tickets, find good deals and make a quick check-in. You can also ask if there are any discounts available on your tickets. You ask about the allowed baggage fees and the cost of additional luggage. Simply call the Lufthansa Airlines contact number in the US. And find out about your travel query. Be it the charges for group travel reservations or vacation packages, the Lufthansa Airlines toll-free customer service team will be happy to assist you. Also, in case you travel frequently with airlines, call the Lufthansa Airlines reservation number and get a discount under the frequent flyer program of the airlines. You can get the Lufthansa Airlines reservation phone number at any time of the day to get the proper assistance for travel reservations. By dialing the Lufthansa Airlines phone number, you get the required travel assistance with maximum satisfaction while traveling. The customer service of the airlines stays with them before, during, even after their flight lands. In addition, the Lufthansa Airlines customer service number in the US. And for your respective region, it is fast and just in time to resolve your queries related to your trip.

Lufthansa Airlines Check-in options you must know

To make your trip easy, fast and effortless, airlines provide 24×7 customer services. You can book your tickets, take advantage of special discounts and make check-in easy without problems and confusion. This is the reason why Lufthansa Airlines’ ratings are high when it comes to customer satisfaction. For more comfort, the airline offers several Lufthansa Airlines check-in options to passengers.

Mobile check-in: it is the fastest and easiest way to check-in Lufthansa Airlines. Simply download the airlines mobile application, enter your details and get your electronic boarding pass on your device.

Web check-in: Go to the airlines website and simply add the flight details to check-in at Lufthansa Airlines. The boarding pass will be mailed to your ID and you must print it.

Check-in at the ticket counter: this is the conventional way to check-in Lufthansa Airlines. After arriving at the airport, go to the ticket counter and ask the customer service agent to help you check-in for your flight.

How to check the status of Lufthansa Airlines flight? Lufthansa Airlines reservations service number

It is very easy to check the status of the Lufthansa Airlines flight. The flight status informs passengers about updates and changes related to the flight schedule. The flight status is available on the airline’s website. Sometimes, downloadable PDF files are also available on the website to verify the status of the Lufthansa Airlines flight. Although Lufthansa Airlines flight schedules for departure and arrival are always predefined, any changes due to technical difficulties will be notified to passengers 1-24 hours before boarding.

Lufthansa Airlines reservations at the best price

Regarded as the flag carrier, Lufthansa Airlines is one of the largest German airlines that is known for offering the best deals and flight deals. And since most passengers are concerned about their budget, the airline timely presents vacation packages and other offers, which are eligible once they make reservations with Lufthansa Airlines.

Before continuing with the process to book Lufthansa Airlines reservations, to help passengers make a better decision here, this article will provide details on the services offered by Lufthansa Airlines.

Services offered by Lufthansa Airlines to its passengers for Lufthansa reservations

  1. Considering the convenience and comfort of the passengers, the airline has introduced several online services.
  2. In addition, the airline even offers flight exchange and cancellation services to passengers.
  3. In addition, to maximize the comfort of traveling, the airline offers travel classes to passengers, which can be selected according to their requirements.
  4. To make the experience on board the best, passengers are offered entertainment facilities, meals, and Wi-Fi on board.
  5. In addition, the airline offers assistance to passengers with special needs or those traveling with babies.

In addition, there are many other services offered by Lufthansa Airlines that one can search for once they make reservations with the airline.

Book a Flight ticket with Lufthansa Airlines

Well, booking Lufthansa Reservations is a simple task, but some passengers have no idea about the airline’s booking procedure. So, to assist passengers, these are some of the simple booking steps one can take to easily confirm their reservations with the airline.

Note: Passengers are encouraged to follow the instructions provided to book reservations without any problem.


  • To book reservations with Lufthansa Airlines, start the airline’s website.
  • Now, click on the Flight option to begin the ticket reservation process.
  • Then provide your departure and arrival cities for reservations and continue.
  • Also, select a flight type and provide a travel date to confirm reservations.
  • After that, enter the number of passengers traveling and click the Search option.
  • From the list of flights provided, the passenger must select one and continue with the reservation process.
  • In addition, to confirm reservations, the passenger must provide the details of the traveling passenger.
  • After that, the passenger must click continue to see the details of the fare.
  • Then, the passenger must verify the details of the fare and make the payment online.

And with the end of this process, the passenger can easily confirm their Lufthansa Airlines reservations. In case, if the passenger encounters a problem with the online booking process, they can contact the reservations department and book their airline tickets on time.

Lufthansa Airlines Booking

The Passenger Name Registry (PNR) contains all the information about the flight route, its details, food preferences, and seating options. Therefore, you can check the status of the Lufthansa Airlines flight through the PNR number. You will get the information on Lufthansa Airlines flights minute by minute when required. Therefore, if you are planning a national or international trip, the Lufthansa Airlines flight status will provide you with timely information about the delay, rescheduling, and cancellation of the flight. In addition, in the event of such an event, the airline informs you with quick notifications.

To verify the status of the Lufthansa Airlines flight, simply call the customer service number and provide the travel agent with the valid flight number. After specifying the departure date, our Lufthansa Airlines Customer Service agent will help you know the status of the flight. Booking tickets to check the flight status has never been so easy and hassle-free process. You can check the flight status at any time from anywhere.

How to Select or Choose Seats in Lufthansa Airlines

While checking Lufthansa Airlines flights, it is very easy to select the seat and service class for your trip. Regardless of what you choose to complete the Lufthansa Airlines check-in process, you can select from the La Premiere, Business, and Premium Economy and Economy cabin configurations to reserve your seat. Lufthansa Airlines offers a combination of three or four-cabin configurations for long-haul flights. For short and medium distance flights, the airline reserves only Business, Premium Economy and Economy cabins. Then, depending on the duration of your flight, the airlines will provide you with the seating arrangements available for

Reserving their seats of course, before booking, you can check the Lufthansa Airlines executive class reviews to be doubly sure with your choice. The Lufthansa Airlines customer service phone number is positive and is rated with a high rating for customer satisfaction and fast services. Therefore, when it comes to booking flight seats for airlines, check the Lufthansa Airlines premium economic reviews, if you want to book in economy class and proceed with check-in.

The airline is known for providing maximum comfort and luxury through its first-class travel services called The Premiere. You can check the first-class reviews of Lufthansa Airlines and know for yourself about the services that airlines have been providing since its inception. If you travel to an international destination and it is a long distance flight, you can book the La Premiere service class for your trip. To reserve your seats, you can call the customer service number of the airlines or contact the ticket counter directly and follow the process.

If you are traveling with the airlines for the first time, it is important that you review the reservation reviews of the Lufthansa Airlines and that you are safe with the reservations. And, if you want to book your tickets with the airlines, call the Lufthansa Airlines reservation phone number and ask for assistance.

Take advantage of the Lufthansa Airlines promotion code and get discounts on flights

While buying flights, you often see those little promotion codes on the airline’s website. And, when you try to book tickets for your trip, you will be asked to register and create an airline account. Once you have finished registering by email, the airline provides you with discount coupons, Lufthansa Airlines promotion codes and special offers. The offers and offers that airlines provide to registered customers differ from those available online. If you choose to travel with Lufthansa Airlines, it is very easy to use Lufthansa Airlines coupons when you buy flights. If you travel frequently with airlines, you can get a special bonus on flight reservations and baggage fees. You can also get a bonus for miles you travel if you use the Lufthansa Airlines coupon codes.

To redeem the Lufthansa Airlines discount code, book your tickets directly from the airline’s website. This is because only the airline’s website will provide you with the latest and updated Lufthansa Airlines offers for your trip. You can save money easily and have the opportunity to take advantage of the best airline services at an affordable price. Sometimes, when you have a tight budget and can only reasonably spend on airline services, the Lufthansa Airlines promotion code is quite useful to make your trip convenient and affordable. For information on the latest promotional codes and special offers, call the airline customer service. In case you have difficulty applying the Lufthansa Airlines discount code, airline travel experts will help you redeem money quickly.

Lufthansa Airlines Baggage allowance policies and rules

Any questions about following Lufthansa Airlines luggage policies? Wondering what type of luggage you can carry in the cabin and all about its size, weight and number? Here is everything you need to know about the baggage limit and the Lufthansa Airlines rules.

Lufthansa Airlines hand luggage number

The number and size of Lufthansa Airlines’ hand luggage depending on the type of travel cabin. You can carry one or two hand luggage items and an accessory for your trip with the airlines. Depending on the air fare and the type of flight (national or international), the amount of checked luggage is allowed. You can transport the amount of checked luggage at no additional cost in the price of your ticket.

Lufthansa Airlines luggage size

For hand luggage, the Lufthansa Airlines hand luggage size limit is set to dimensions 55x35x25, which includes wheels, pockets and handles. If you are not sure that your Lufthansa Airlines hand luggage has the correct dimensions, there is a luggage basket available at the airport to check. If it exceeds the established dimensions, additional fees may apply. For checked baggage, the size of your luggage must not exceed 158 cm (a + b + c). This Lufthansa Airlines luggage size is set including the pockets, wheels and luggage handles. For each large bag, the rates vary according to the type of trip. In addition, airlines have also carefully designed a calculator to determine if their luggage is oversized or not, including additional fees for it.

Lufthansa Airlines luggage weight

In accordance with Lufthansa Airlines baggage rules, the weight of hand luggage must not exceed 12 kg. Checked baggage must not exceed the weight limit of airlines set at 23 kg. If you travel with Premium Economy cabins, weight relaxation is granted up to 32 kg. In addition, all weight information is provided in your trip summary. You can check the information there or simply call the customer service number for expert guidance. In case you are trying to take advantage of Lufthansa Airlines cargo services, check the policies and rules in this regard when talking to the customer service of the airlines.

Review and modify your Lufthansa Airlines reservations

Find a Lufthansa Airlines reservation, view your current reservations or change your Lufthansa Airlines flight reservations, because it’s easy and fast with this airline. To book your Lufthansa Airlines tickets, visit the airline’s website, go to the reservations section and manage your travel reservation. You can view, modify and add more to your travel itinerary. When it comes to Lufthansa Airlines’ online booking, it’s really fast, easy and effortless. In case you have any difficulty in doing the same, you have immediate assistance from the airline’s customer service.

In the Lufthansa Airlines reservation phone number section on the website, you will find all the information about scheduled flight schedules, luggage items allowed and services available onboard. In case you want to customize your flight, it is easy and available with special discounts. You must book Lufthansa Airlines tickets in advance to obtain various discounts and personalized booking options. You can select from the airport welcome service, additional luggage options to the airport shuttle service, enjoy the luxury of affordability. Select options that fit your pocket perfectly and enjoy it!

In addition, during Lufthansa Airlines reservations, you can modify your services on board by including more legroom and adding delicious food. The airline also helps you rent a car, book a hotel and book other tourist activities for your trip. Simply call the Lufthansa Airlines customer service number and ask about the services of the airlines you can use on your tickets. Call travel experts, opt for the Lufthansa Airlines reservation phone number and book your tickets quickly.

Lufthansa Reservations Phone Number Details

Lufthansa Reservations Phone Number USA +1-888-589-1015
Lufthansa Seat Reservation USA +1-800-304-4381
Lufthansa Booking Phone Number +1-888-589-1015
Lufthansa Phone Number +49 (0) 800 – 83 84 267
Lufthansa Customer Service Number USA +1-888-589-1015
Lufthansa Technical Support Phone Number 1 (866) 953-2294
Lufthansa Group Booking Phone Number +49 (0) 800 – 83 84 267
Hubs Frankfurt Airport, Munich Airport
Alliance Star Alliance
Fleet size 294
Destinations 220
Headquarters Cologne, Germany


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  • Lufthansa CityLine
  • Swiss International Air Lines
  • Edelweiss Air
  • AeroLogic (50%)
  • SunExpress (50%)
  • SunExpress Deutschland
  • LSG Sky Chefs
  • Lufthansa Consulting
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  • Lufthansa Industry Solutions
  • Lufthansa Systems
  • Lufthansa Technik
  • Global Load Control

Lufthansa International Contact Number Details

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Country Contact Number
Argentina +54 11 5032 0162E mail :
Australia +61 1300 655 727
Brazil Contact Details+55 11 3878 8151/ Contact Details+55 21 3500 1471E mail :
Lufthansa Flight Booking Number Canada +1-800-563-5954
Costa Rica +506 25397394E mail :
Egypt +202 25803500E mail :
France +33 170 48 91 70
Germany  +49 (0) 69 86 799 799
Iceland +354 800 7556
India 1800 102 5838
Italy +39 0899198000
Mexico +52 55 50 91 31 40/ +52 55 5202 9754E mail :
New Zealand +64 800 945220
Paraguay +009 800 110 362/ +54 11 5032-0162E mail :
Qatar 8000289 Toll Free / available from within Qatar only
Singapore +65 6 2455 600
South Africa 0861 842538
Sweden +46 851 992 530
Switzerland +41435478631 / +41435478672
United Arab Emirates +971 4 389 8100E mail :
Lufthansa Seat Reservation United Kingdom +44 371 945 9747
Lufthansa Booking Number USA +1 800 – 645 38 80TTY:+1 866 -846 42 83 (Text telephone for hearing impaired)
Vietnam +84 (0)28 3829 8529E mail :