Traveling is one of the most integral parts of being human and one can explore the best attractions in the world by air in a very quick amount of time taking advantage of the incredible travel amenities. It becomes more exciting when you travel with a group of your favorite friends and family. But only a few airlines offer group booking service and Latam airlines are one of those where you can simply book your flights as a group. Latam airlines allow group reservations for 10 or more people on the same flight. There are many facilities that can be used in Latam airlines group booking.

Latam Airlines group booking features:

Seating Comforts – Get larger seats with extra legroom for the best comfort while traveling.

Priority-Based Check-in – Get special check-in facilities for your group at the airport without waiting in the check-in queue.

Inflight Entertainment – Enjoy your favorite music, videos, movies and TV shows on the flight during your journey.

Food ordering on board: you can also taste your favorite food during the trip.

Special baggage allowance: Enjoy the additional baggage allowance when traveling in a group.

What is the Latam Airlines group reservation process?

Do you want to travel to your favorite group on Latam Airlines? Then you will need to make reservations with Latam airlines, which is very straightforward and simple to do. You can only make group reservations through the official Latam website, which is a very simple process. Latam Airlines group booking process is very easy and you can follow the instructions mentioned to book your group ticket.

Steps for Latam Airlines group reservation:

  • First go to the Official Booking API, then you should find the Group Booking section.
  • Now click on the group booking option.
  • After that, you will need to provide the required information like your name, city, date, and your group details.
  • You can now submit the request and then you will be asked to wait until you receive the booking confirmation.
  • Now enter the required details and then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the group reservation process.

You can make Latam Airlines Group Reservations to your preferred destination without any difficulty after following the instructions given above. But if you are still unable to make the group booking or need any other help regarding the group booking, please contact the Latam Airlines group booking team for supreme assistance.

How do I call Latam Airlines for group reservations?

Latam Airlines offers excellent services in its group reservations to its passengers. However, there are times when you face problems with the reservation process. Now when it comes to Latam Airlines, the airline has made it easy for passengers to facilitate their group bookings. Therefore, I read this article more to know how to make group 0 reservations on Latam Airlines.

Important Latam Airlines Group Booking Guidelines

The following guidelines will help you make your Latam Airlines group reservations by contacting customer service.

  • Latam Airlines requires that you include a minimum of 10 passengers in your reservation and it must be done through the airline’s travel services.
  • The group reservation must be associated with the Brand Plus Standard.
  • Latam Airlines requires that you first make group booking requests to the airline and then you will be provided with a quote mentioning your travel details.
  • You must specifically inform Latam Airlines about any disabled person in your group reservations.

How to contact Latam Airlines regarding group reservations: different ways

You can contact Latam Airlines customer service in the following ways.

  • Through the hotline number

The hotline number or phone number will allow you to connect with the airline executives. They will help you with the reservation process by taking all the details of your trip and then provide you with the quote that you can consider to continue with the reservation process.

  • Via chat

With the chat medium, you can also connect with the reservation experts in case you are unable to speak to them via the phone number. However, the assistance provided to make your reservation will be the same as the telephone assistance and you can easily make your Latam Airlines group reservations without any hassle.