In 1997, an American parent company Yahoo launched a web-based email service by their name i.e. Yahoo mail. Yahoo email service has maintained its reputation since it started. And still firmly rooted mail service along with tough competition like Juno, Gmail, etc. Yahoo stands in third place in the size of web-based email services worldwide.

Due to operating many email accounts by a single user, one can forget his/her password easily which has become a common issue nowadays. But no need to worry, Yahoo has provided Yahoo Password Recovery process through which you can easily recover the password. This recovery process is a better option to recover your password by following simple steps. Recovering yahoo mail password with registered Phone number is very common and popular amongst users but in this article, you will learn how to recover Yahoo password without a phone number and by using Yahoo Password recovery tool

How to Recover Yahoo Password without a Phone Number 1-888-653-5930 ?

There are different ways to recover your yahoo password with phone number if you don’t have that number in use or its lost. In such a case, you can recover by the Yahoo Password Recovery tool and Yahoo password recovery process without a phone number.

Method 1 – Using Yahoo Password Recovery Tool

First thing you need to get a Yahoo Password Recovery tool. Winsuite 2012 is the most popular and commonly tool by wondershare. Winsuite 2012 is an amazing program which can help you in recovering password by following some easy steps-

Install and launch winsuite 2012 in your computer. You will see Password and key menu, choose the password finder which will be located in the center.

Password finder will automatically initiate Yahoo password recovery process and find your password when you click on this button.

You have to select Yahoo mail or Yahoo messenger password option to begin the search.

Once the search is completed, click next.

After doing this, your Yahoo Messenger Password will be stored in the source computer. You can find it out and export the password in the form of a cipher file.

Once you find this cipher file, you will be able to log in to your Yahoo Messenger but on a different computer without using a password. To do that you need to copy this file to any location on that computer.

At last double click on it and you can log in to your Yahoo mail account successfully.

Method – 2 Answering security questions

First of all, log in to the Yahoo page.

To continue, you have to enter the username Id in the given field and continue.

Click on I forgot my password option to proceed.

After that, several Yahoo password recovery options will open to recover the password, choose the recover password by answering security questions.

Further, Yahoo will ask questions that you have set while creating your yahoo account.

You have to answer the questions correctly.

If you will answer the questions correctly, yahoo will send a password reset option.

Reset your password and save the new password.

Hopefully, after following these steps you will be able to Recover Yahoo Password without Phone Number. Still, you failed to recover the password, contact Yahoo help and support center anytime. The Yahoo team will help you for sure.

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