If you are using Google account on an Android device then you find no difficulty there. In fact, if you forget the password of your Google account and you want to recover Google account for Android you can do it easily. You can follow the below steps. But even if you find it difficult to follow the below steps you can seek help via Google customer service chat, or you can call Google support or you can seek Google customer service to get the guided support as well. Let us see the steps for now.

1. Open the Google app on your device and you can reinstate your account access.

2. You can contact the administrator of your domain to reset your Google account password and get your Google account back.

You also have the traditional ways to recover your Google account as follows:

3. You can provide the security information that you submitted to Google during your account registration to prove that the account belongs to you. For this, you need to first click on “I don’t know my password” option and then enter your Gmail address and then click on the”Continue” button. In case you have linked your mobile number to your account you can request to receive verification code to be sent to your mobile number by Google. If not, you can choose to answer security questions under ‘verify your identity’ section.

This is how you can recover Google account for Android.

Google customer service chat

Seek support from Google through Google customer service chat option if you are unable to recover Google account on Android phone despite reading the instruction above. You will be guided step by step until you complete the process of Google account recovery.

Call google support 1-888-653-5930

Another way to seek support from Google is by calling them. You can call them and ask for support. You just need to call Google support and talk to a representative on the phone and discuss your problem related to Google account such as in this case how to recover Google account on Android. Representative on the phone will guide you step by step.

Google customer service

Google customer service is one of the best in the world if not the best. You can try anytime. If you want to recover Google account on Android and you are not able to complete the steps you can seek customer service from Google.

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