How do I contact Google Customer Support?

Google is offering a useful platform that allows web users to web search that can be customized accordingly to requirements also. You can contact Google support system for some certain issues by phone, chat or email.

Google Chrome is the most used web browser because of its unique features such as easy to use, fast and very secure. But millions and might be billions of users are facing several issues related to the internet browser’s default settings.


ü You’ve to open Chrome first.

ü Then Click’ Settings’ that is at the top right of the screen.

ü At the bottom, click ‘Advanced’- Chrome book Linux & Mac:

ü Below ‘Reset Settings’ you have to click’ restore settings to their original defaults.

ü In Windows, down to Reset Settings & Cleanup, now click ‘Reset Settings’.

These steps are not enough to provide a complete reset like fonts /accessibility would not be deleted. So there is troubleshoot reset issue such as if the set menu doesn’t open then it would be a problem in Chrome.

How to fix this issue?

You have to first uninstall Chrome then download Google Chrome again via ‘’, and finally, reinstall it.

Still, you’re facing difficulties like you had installed a program and it is altering your Google Chrome Settings.

How to fix a common Chrome crash?

Sometimes, your computer is running out of memory and you’re unable to load any site while also running your apps, extensions & programs.

Here are the steps to fix this problem:

Step 1

ü Free up memory

ü Close all tabs except that is showing an error message.

ü Quit other programs or apps which are running.

ü Pause –downloading of any file.

ü Uninstall extensions which are not needed.

Step 2

ü On the tab where the error is showing, you should try to reload again.

Step 3

ü Might be your antivirus is stopping Chrome from opening then check if Chrome is blocked by unwanted malware.

ü Next, learn how to get rid from this problem.

There is Google Account Customer Support working 24*7 to help you and solve your issues. You can take assistance with experienced experts through phone calls, emails or online chat. Another way just post your issue or a question in the Chrome Help Forum.