How do I contact Google AdWords Support?

AdWords is an advertising service from Google. It is for businessman who wish to run their ads on Google and its networking of advertisements. AdWords promote the business in an online platform. The AdWords enables the business to set a budget to display Ads and pay only when people click on ads. This ad service is mainly focused on the use of keywords.

AdWords keywords are used to decide your price of advertising. Every keyword chosen will have a cost per click (CPC) amount. The bids or tender defines the maximum amount you are willing to pay each time when someone clicks your ads that is the maximum cost per click. A higher CPC bid can allow your ad to show at a higher place on the page.

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Simply, AdWords generate revenue and bring traffic to your website. These advertising services make business easier and profitable too.

Hence, advertise on Google and get more customers for your business.

You’ll need an AdWords account that is free for the official Google AdWords page, creating an account is the first step for advertising on Google AdWords. Maybe for beginners, advertising with it can be daunting but it is guaranteed – you’re in the right place.

This helps you in growing your business by reaching out to potential customers.

After creating AdWords account, the next step is you’ve to create your campaigns.

Here is an eight-step process for creating your first campaign on AdWords

Decide what your goals are:-

  • Create your buyers
  • Research your keywords
  • Choose your budgets and bids
  • Build out your company structure
  • Write your ad copy
  • Design & Publish landing pages
  • Set up conversion tracking

Now we talk about the benefits of AdWords:

1. AdWords is quicker than SEO

Both of AdWords & SEO is Google Search Engine for marketing techniques to give a boost of traffic on your website. AdWords is efficient and effective because of its focused on various keywords at the same time and you can turn on/off your campaigns depends on your wish.

2. Expand Brand Awareness

AdWords is the best way to give information about your brand due to its collaboration with Ipsos is beneficial because Ipsos with AdWords is running a study across twelve verticals from retail to automobiles. According to the study that search ads elevate top-of-mind realization by an average of 6.6.

3. Extend to million customers via Gmail Inbox

In September 2015, Google linked native Gmail ads to Google AdWords. This step brings more like hood among viewers. Email Marketing is becoming the most technical in every business. Actually, Gmail Ads comes on the promotion tab, often you can see them on the social tab and Gmail ads cost lesser than search ads.

4. Re-establish connect visitors of your website

If you have window shoppers on your website and they’re not taking action after visiting your website, you can remind them by Entering Display Remarketing & RLSA Campaigns.

5. Evaluate your AdWords Account’s performance accurately

Measuring your performance consistently is easy because advertising via Google AdWords is cheap than traditional advertisements.

6. Browse more using your Ads

There is a lot more to discover when you attach your Google AdWords account with your Google Analytics account. AdWords is a great platform but it would tell you about what people do after clicking the ads. Although, Google Analytics will assist you to understand- how long a viewer stayed on a page, how much pages have visited, rate of bounce and details about new viewers and returning visitors.

Way to get evaluated Google AdWords Account
  • Obtain the data to evaluate Performance
  • Review the Ads- analyzing your ads to determine which are performers and non-performers would further help in sustainable performance in the future.
  • Measure Device performance- initially it may be difficult to ascertain where your audience will be.

Sometimes pop-up ads on Google Chrome become so annoying, and if the Google Chrome browser is constantly being redirected to unwanted sites while browsing the Internet. Therefore there are steps to fix this disturbing feature.

Just enable Chrome’s Pop-up Blocking tool-:
  • Click ‘Chrome Menu’
  • Type ‘Popups’
  • Click ‘Content setting’
  • Under Popups it should say ‘Blocked’
To sum up:

All-in-all, advertising with Google AdWords is simple. Making money from AdWords advertising is more challenging, but if you understand the auction process, it should be to identify ways to improve your advertising.

By the way, if you had like putting together your first AdWords campaigns, Google AdWords Customer Support is always there is to help you.