Etihad Airways Reservations

Etihad Airways Reservations – Flight Booking

All Etihad Airways planes offer Business and Economy class tickets, except Dash 8s. Dash 8s offers only economy class tickets.

With regard to documents, when it comes to reservations of Etihad Airways, you must carry your passport and visa at least. The complete list of documents is found on the official website of Etihad Airways.

Etihad Airways Airline offers onboard entertainment material, magazines, books and a wide variety of reading material. Etihad Airways Reservations offers drinks, snacks and complimentary meals to passengers on board, both in economy class and in executive class.

The food served by Etihad Airways includes hot and cold snacks, hot meals and soft drinks, etc. Meals are served according to the time. In addition, you can buy special meals according to your requirements.

Take a look at the lowest airfare offered by the airline at any time and book an ideal flight for your trip.

Why choose Etihad Airways to book air tickets?

Why choose Etihad Airways to book air tickets? If this question baffles us, you can read the comments of Etihad Airways, you will get the answer. When I booked the Etihad Airways flight, I also had the dilemma of whether I should book this flight or not. But now, when I write this review of Etihad Airways, I have no doubt why I should not choose Etihad Airways to book air tickets.

Airlines cannot offer first-class tickets, but it has its own executive class and standard economy class that offer first-class services to customers. His business class is called “Cloud Nine.” You can opt for online check-in and save time and money. The online check-in service starts between 36 and 2 hours before the actual flight departure time. Fly with the airlines and publish your review of Etihad Airways.

Baggage allowance and Etihad Airways fares

The Etihad Airways baggage rules are more or less similar to the other airline baggage rules, there is not much difference. For national routes, Airlines allows a baggage allowance of 30 kg for passengers traveling in executive class and 20 kg for passengers traveling in economy class. For international flights, the baggage allowance of Etihad Airways is 2 bags weighing 32 kg or 3 bags weighing 23 kg. The hand luggage is 2 bags of 7 kg each for the executive class and 1 piece of 7 kg for economy class. The dimensions of the bag should be in the range of 23x40x55 cm.

Etihad Airways Reservations

Checked baggage rules

You are prohibited from transporting dangerous goods or substances that pose a health and safety risk when transported by air. The list of dangerous goods is found on the official website of the airlines.

It is also forbidden to enter the flights of safety suitcases or briefcases installed with batteries, any type of pyrotechnic material or alarm devices.

These rules also apply to cargo flights of Etihad Airways. If you do not adhere to the rules, you will not be allowed to register. Read the Etihad Airways registration policy for more information.

How to contact the reservation service of Etihad Airways?

If you wish to book Etihad Airways air tickets, contact the Etihad Airways reservation service number and find out the flight schedules. Etihad Airways Airline customer service provides customers with the necessary information before, during and after a flight. Without the support of the Etihad Airways reservation service, air travel can become complex and difficult. It is the Etihad Airways customer service number that makes our journey through the air smooth, comfortable and convenient.

You can dial the Etihad Airways customer service number to access flight information, flight schedule and flight status. You can also dial the telephone number of the Etihad Airways reservation service to file a complaint and learn about baggage rules, airline refund, and cancellation policy.

How to check the status of the Etihad Airways flight?

Etihad Airways is the largest airline in the African continent that operates flights to 119 national and international destinations, including 35 cargo destinations. Booking a flight from Etihad Airways has several advantages over flying with other airlines.

Passengers traveling in business and economic classes are pampered with delicious hot meals, snacks, hot and cold snacks, and complimentary drinks.

On long flights from Etihad Airways offer on-board entertainment in the form of television shows, books, music, and movies. For economy class passengers, the airline offers special food for children for young passengers. To confirm the Etihad Airways flight schedule or status, call the Etihad Airways customer service department.

Here is the procedure to verify the status of the Etihad Airways flight:

  1. First, log in to the official Etihad Airways website.
  2. On the home page, touch the “Book” option
  3. Touch Flight Status
  4. Select the departure date.
  5. Search by flight number or flight route
  6. Touch “Check flight status”. The flight status will be displayed on your computer or mobile screen.

Etihad Airways Phone Number Details for Booking and Reservations.

Etihad Airways Reservation Number +1-800-304-4381
Etihad Airways Booking Number +1-888-589-1015
Etihad Airways Phone Number 1 (877) 690-0767
Etihad Airways Baggage Phone Number 1 (877) 690-0767
Etihad Airways Baggage Email
Etihad Airways Vacations Number +971 2 599 0700
Etihad Airways Disability Assistance Number +971 600 555666
Etihad Airways Disability Assistance Email
Hubs Abu Dhabi International Airport
Fleet size 113
Destinations 75
Parent company Etihad Aviation Group
Headquarters Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates