How to backup Yahoo mails using Thunderbird

How to backup Yahoo Mails using Thunderbird

If you want to back-up the yahoo emails that are stored in your online Yahoo account, then first you need to download all these emails on your computer and store them to a local folder. You get IMAP access to your mailbox for free from yahoo, so this is the easiest way to download your Yahoo emails by adding it as an IMAP account in any email client that supports it.
Once you add the account, now you can configure Backup for all so that you can back-up your Yahoo emails on regular basis. You can back yahoo mail in Outlook, the Mail app and Mozilla Thunderbird and more. How to backup yahoo mails using Thunderbird? Well, you can follow below steps for that.

You need to know Mozilla Thunderbird is an open source email client so you can use Mozilla Thunderbird to store Yahoo emails locally.

First you need to configure Yahoo as an IMAP account in Mozilla Thunderbird and then back-up your emails. You can follow below steps for that:

How to backup Yahoo mails using Thunderbird
  1. First open Thunderbird and then click on Email under Set up an account. Now you are asked here to enter your credentials which you need to do and then click Continue and it will automatically pull the Yahoo server details.
  2. Now you need to access the new account created in Thunderbird and then wait for the application to download your emails.
  3. After that open Backup for all and then select File -> New Backup.
  4. Now you can enter a name for the backup in the Name field. And then choose a destination for the backup and then click Next.
  5. Now you have selection of files and folders drop-down list and here you need to select Mozilla Thunderbird. When you select Mozilla Thunderbird, it will automatically add all the necessary Mozilla Thunderbird files as a source for the backup.
  6. Now when the next page comes, you need to select the backup type. You are recommended to leave Smart as the default backup type.
  7. Now you can choose to schedule the backup to run automatically if you want to and then click Save or Save and run to start backing up your emails.

This is how you can backup Yahoo Mails using Thunderbird. And if you still need help for this you can ask us for step by step process.

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