Have a name mistake on your Alaska Airline flight? Know the politics!

Alaska Airlines is considered one of the major American airlines based in SeaTac, Washington. The airline has left no stone unturned to help passengers in every way possible. Therefore, if you travel with this airline, you should not panic, as you will receive assistance related to every possible resolution.
With the commendable performance and quick response of the airline, Alaska Airlines has even received several awards. So if you are traveling and find that you have a misspelling on your boarding pass at the last minute, you need to stay calm. Each airline has some systems to address the problems of the passengers who travel with them, Alaska Airline is not far behind either. It is a maximum passenger question that if they can change their names after booking, this is answered later in the article.

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Learn about Alaska Airlines’ name change policy!

The airline allows passengers to make changes to their names. But, before that, you need to take care of a few points that are involved in the Alaska Airline name change policy discussed below.

  1. The 24 hour rule to make changes to any reservation can be done without paying any additional dollars. So if you have booked your flight in the last 24 hours, you can proceed to change your name.
  2. This name can be changed by choosing the “Manage Trips” option on the official website.
  3. If more than 24 hours has passed, then you must pay $ 125 to make changes on your behalf.
  4. Please note that Alaska Airlines will accept name changes, which is a typographical error and should be changed to a single letter.
  5. But in case you need to change the full name, you must present legal documents duly signed and stamped by an authorized person.
  6. If a person is newly married or divorced and has changed their name, they will be asked to submit a marriage certificate or divorce agreement as proof of the name change.
  7. If you have booked your flight through travel agencies, you must contact them in case of name changes. You can also get to the airport and contact customer service or the travel desk present at the airport.

Can the Alaska Airlines ticket be transferred to a friend?

Another much sought after question about names is whether tickets can be transferred or not. And, with Alaska airlines, this is not possible as officials are strict and do not compromise on safety. Therefore, if a situation arises where the original passenger cannot travel and wants to transfer the ticket to someone else, then it is not possible. The original passenger can cancel the ticket and another passenger can reserve a new one.
Therefore, there is no option to transfer the Alaska Airlines ticket to someone else for security reasons.

Looking for help from Alaska Airlines Customer Service!

Passengers who have a problem at the time of the name change, can contact customer service. This customer service is available on different platforms and provides 24-hour assistance.